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(Netiquette) Tip #7

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Don’t reply to spam, even to ask to be removed from their mailing list

Spammers buy lists of millions of e-mail addresses and instant messaging screen names. Harvesting programs gather up these addresses wherever they can find them online, in chat rooms, on message boards, from chain e-mails and registrations.

So many of these addresses are old and don’t work. If you reply, one of two things happens. You either have sent a reply to a fake address they have used to send the e-mails from, or you have now let them know that your address is a good one and you will receive many more messages. They will even sell your address for more money, since they can now promise that you have read the spam messages you receive.

While your e-mail service provider may ask you to forward spam to their TOS (terms of service) violations address, you shouldn’t bother. Instead, use a good anti-spam program.

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