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(Netiquette) Tip #1

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Start by making sure you are sending things to the right place, that it arrives and that the right person gets it.

Is it addressed to the right person? Are you sure? Have you checked the spelling and the screen name carefully? Are they in your address book or on your buddy list already? The easiest way to make sure that you have their correct screen name or e-mail address is to save it automatically when they send you something. Parents should input their children’s approved correspondents into their buddy lists and address books to make sure that it is done correctly. Also, people (especially kids) change their e-mail addresses and screen names often. Make sure you are using the most up-to-date one.

Also, don’t be so sure that your e-mail makes it to the person you sent it to. With so many junk e-mails and viruses being sent these days, most Internet service providers are using spam-blocking technology to block and filter messages they think may be spam. Many innocent messages are caught in the spam-filters and never get delivered anymore. Some people are also using their own anti-spam software that may block your e-mail. Remind your friends to add your e-mail address and screen name to their approved list so that you won’t be blocked by accident and warn them in advance before using a new address or screen name. Depending on which e-mail service you use, you may be able to track your message and see if it is ever delivered, and sometimes if it is even read. There are other applications you can use as well. It’s good netiquette to ask the person before sending something to track whether they have opened or read the e-mail before using it. But just because you send something, don’t get angry if the other person doesn’t reply. First make sure they received it. (And make sure that they aren’t blocked by your e-mail filters or spam-blockers either.)

Sometimes one family will use the same e-mail address or screen name for everyone. It could be embarrassing if you send a personal and private message to someone and their parents or older brother reads it instead. Check first. Also, many parents read their kids e-mails. Check with your friends and see if their e-mails are reviewed by their parents. You may want to be more careful if they do.

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