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(Netiquette) Tip #3

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Proofread and spell-check your e-mails and make sure they know who you are

Many messages are never understood or are misunderstood because people left out words, or said things unclearly, or misspelled words. While your e-mails don’t have to be formal works of art, your should make them clear. If they are important enough to send, they are important enough to be understood. The rules for instant messaging are different and more grammar mistakes and spelling errors are accepted there.

Also make sure that you re-read what you are sending to make sure it says what you want it to say. If something could be misunderstood, or understood two different ways, either re-write it or use an emoticon to let them know which meaning you used. Don’t use shorthand or acronyms they don’t understand. And if you are referring to someone else, make sure they know who you are talking about.

Also make sure that you sign your e-mails and cybercommunications with a name the recipient will recognize, if you aren’t using your normal screen name. Don’t’ give away personal information, but telling them that this is a new account or screen name and your old one was [fill in the blank] helps your message get read, instead of trashed. Putting that in the subject line may help.

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