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(Netiquette) Tip #6

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Are you angry when you are writing this message?

If you are writing the e-mail, instant message or post when you are angry, review it carefully. Also take the time to cool down before sending it and check the tips for avoiding cyberfights, by using the tips we learn in Take 5!

Are you replying to something that is designed to insult you, flame you, cyberbully you or harass you? If so, think again. These things go away much faster if you don’t reply at all. The person sending them is looking for a reaction. They soon get tired and go away if they don’t get any. Also, you should let your parents or teachers know if you are receiving hateful or threatening cybercommunications or if you receive something that hurts your feelings or makes you feel bad. You are entitled not to be attacked online and enjoy e-mail and cybercommunications without worrying about nasty people.

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