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10th Annual WiredKids Summit

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Teenangels Trailer

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Teenangels / The Megan Pledge

The Megan Pledge

Instructions for Starters of the Megan Pledge

Thanks for your interest in the Megan Pledge. Our goal is to increase awareness of cyberbullying and empower youth to take positive action to prevent it. The Pledge Kit will help you get your program underway; it contains:

  • Megan's-Story.pdf: This tells the full story of Megan's tragedy
  • Megan's-Story-and-the-Pledge.ppt:  This is a PowerPoint presentation to use with children
  • Start Up Instructions.pdf: How to get involved.
  • The-Megan-Pledge-Overview.pdf: An overview of the Megan Pledge, what it is, what is expected and some brief information about cyberbullying.
  • MegansPledge.pdf: The pledge that will be read, signed and in the roster of those taking the pledge.
  • Megan_Meier_Poster.jpg: This image can be printed out as a poster to advertise the pledge program.
  • Megan-Banner.jpg: This is the image you can use to print out or have a banner made for your school.
  • Megan-Meier-Letter-Head.jpg: This image can be used on letters or information sent home to parents.
  • Megan-Ribbon.jpg: This is an image of the ribbon that pledge takers can wear which can also be posted on Web sites and profiles.
  • Ribbon-Instructions.pdf: Simple instructions of how you can create ribbons from material easily obtained from any craft store.
  • Teen-Cybersafety-Guide: This is comprehensive guide to help teens be safe, productive cyber citizens.
  Graphic: The Megan Pledge
Download the Megan Pledge Kit

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