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10th Annual WiredKids Summit

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Teenangels Trailer

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What is Parry's Role?

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Link to more information about Parry AftabParry Aftab is an Internet privacy and security lawyer. She also writes books and articles and was one of the first experts to focus on Internet safety and kids online. The Teenangels were born as a result of a TV special Parry did in April 1999 with ABC News, in New Jersey. The special was about teen girl safety and Parry was asked to be the Internet safety guru for the special. Part of the special involved Parry speaking to teenage girls at a school in New Jersey. When the computer connection predictably broke down, the girls just lined up at microphones and fired off questions.

That was when Parry first realized that teenagers were concerned about their younger siblings, cousins, young neighbors and kids they baby-sit for when it came to online safety. She was also thrilled to be teaching online safety pointers to people who really understood the risks and how to tell the real dangers from the merely annoying things online.

Five of these girls were selected by their school to work with Parry in developing the first teenager online safety ambassador program for the WiredKids project. The girls ranged in age from fourteen to seventeen and named themselves Teenangels after a program started by WiredSafety.

Photograph: The New Rochelle Teenangels Chapter
The New Rochelle Teenangels Chapter
Photograph: The Jacksonville Teenangels Chapter
The Jacksonville Teenangels Chapter

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