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How Can Teens Join?

What Do Teenangels Do? Setting Up a Chapter ›

Potential Teenangels can:

  • Apply to a local Teenangels chapter
  • Register for Online Training

Teenangels chapters are usually attached to schools, youth and/or church groups.

If no chapter exists locally, then a responsible adult can apply to create a new Teenangels chapter in their area.

Online Training

Sometimes, tweens are unable to join a local Teenangels chapter because they live in a remote location and/or are homeschooled.

Teenangels operates an Online Program where the tweens can learn using our training site. They will meet with one of our Teenangel Staff Teachers in the Teenangel chat area right on the Web site. This online meeting will allow the teacher and the teen[s] to go over what they have learned and receive answers to any questions that arise.

Should a teen be unable to attend a local Teenangels chapter (for whatever reason) then their parent/carer/educator can make an inquiry about Online Training instead.

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